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October 11 Den Meeting (First Responder part 2)

Thank you to Mrs. Stephanie Parrott (Austin’s Aunt) for joining our meeting! Mrs. Parrott is a registered nurse and CPR instructor who generously shared her time and first aid knowledge with us!

We completed the requirements for the First Responder adventure during this meeting. We are very proud of our scouts for doing a great job with all of their first aid assignments!

We specifically did the following this week:

  • Requirement #2: Show what to do for hurry cases of first aid. Mrs. Parrott walked us through each of these and answered questions.
  • Requirement #3: Show how to help a choking victim. Mrs. Parrott demonstrated how and when to perform the Heimlich maneuver.
  • Requirement #5: Demonstrate how to treat at least 5 of the following (list found in handbook). Each or our scouts took turns teaching the den about how to treat a particular first aid problem.
  • Requirement #8: Visit with a first responder or health care professional.

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