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Nov 8 den meeting (Stronger, Faster, Higher)

Den 4 met at Bell Memorial Park on Sunday to enjoy beautiful fall weather and work on the Stronger, Faster, Higher adventure. Some of our scouts were definitely worn out after this one 🙂

Homework: please remember to continue working on your 30 exercise plan and recording your progress! See requirement 3 on page 83 of your handbook.

At the den meeting we completed the following requirements:

  • 1) Understand and explain why you should warm up before exercising and cool down afterward. Demonstrate the proper way to warm up and cool down.
    • We jogged for a few minutes, did a wide variety of stretching exercises, then stretched again at the end of our meeting to help keep from getting sore or injured. We also learn how to check our own pulse rate.
  • 2) Do these activities and record your results: 20-yard dash, vertical jump, lifting a 5 pound weight, pushups, curls, and jumping rope.
    • We timed and/or counted all of these things! For the vertical jump we took turns jumping as high as we could to put name tag stickers on a 2×4 board. “Curls” were done as crunches or sit ups. Since we were on a football field, several of the scouts decided to have a full 100 yard race at the end of the meeting!

Remember to do requirement 3 at home. We are planning to do requirement 4 (try a new sport that you have never tried before) at our next meeting.

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