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Nov 22 den meeting (Stronger faster higher part 2)

Den 4 met at the White Columns tennis courts to finish up the Stronger Faster Higher by trying a new sport: pickleball!

Our scouts were also awarded their very first Webelo adventure pins! This is a great time to get your uniform, if you haven’t already, now that you have pins to display on the Webelo colors. We are also tentatively planning to have outdoor pack meetings soon (first one on December 6).

Homework: please remember to continue working on your 30 exercise plan and recording your progress! See requirement 3 on page 83 of your handbook.

At the den meeting we completed the following requirements:

  • 1) Understand and explain why you should warm up before exercising and cool down afterward. Demonstrate the proper way to warm up and cool down.
    • (we did this at the last meeting too, but we made sure to stretch again before trying a new sport)
  • 4) Try a new sport that you have never tried before.
    • The scouts played pickleball! We learned the basic rules and how to serve, and then set up on 2 courts to play doubles.

If you missed the meeting, you can follow along at home by trying any new sport, or have a look at the Webelo handbook for alternative ways to complete the adventure.

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