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March 7 den meeting (Into the Woods)

Den 4 gathered at Birmingham Park to enjoy the awesome spring weather this past weekend! Our scouts completed the following requirements for the Into the Woods adventure:

  1. Identify two different groups of trees and the parts of a tree.
  2. Identify four trees common to the area where you live. Tell whether they are native to your area. Tell how both wildlife and humans use them.
  3. Identify four plants common to the area where you live. Tell which animals use them and for what purpose.
  4. Develop a plan to care for and then plant at least one plant or tree, either indoors in a pot or outdoors. Tell how this plant or tree helps the environment in which it is planted and what the plant or tree will be used for.
  5. Explain how the growth rings of a tree trunk tell its life story. Describe different types of tree bark and explain what the bark does for the tree.

Each scout planted a flower in a seed cup to take home for #4. Remember to take good care of it, and let us know when your plants sprout!

If you missed this adventure, then be creative and follow along at home with your own adventure (you must complete all of components 1–4 and at least one of components 5-7) and let Jason and Phil know about your progress! See page 418 of the Webelo handbook.

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