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January Den Meeting

We completed the “Make it Move” elective adventure at today’s den meeting, learning about (and experimenting with!) all sorts of machines, including popsicle stick chain reactions, pulleys in different configurations, levers, and Rube Goldberg contraptions.

We specifically did the following components of Make it Move:

  • 1. Create an “exploding” craft stick reaction
  • 2. Make two simple pulleys, and use them to move objects.
  • 3. Make a lever by creating a seesaw using a spool and a wooden paint stirrer. Explore the way it balances by placing different objects on each end.
  • 4B. Construct a real Rube Goldberg–type machine to complete a task assigned by your den leader. Use at least two simple machines and include at least four steps.

Thank you to Christina Carns for planning the meeting and gathering the materials for us to use!

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