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January 10 Den meeting (Cast Iron Chef)

Den 4 gathered for a delicious meeting at the BUMC scout compound this past weekend! Our scouts completed the following three requirements for the Cast Iron Chef adventure:

  1. Plan a menu for a balanced meal for your den or family.
  2. Prepare a balanced meal for your den or family.
  3. Use tinder, kindling, and fuel wood to demonstrate how to build a fire in an appropriate outdoor location.

Each scout planned and brought their own foil packet to cook (we had a big variety: hamburgers, chicken, potatoes, popcorn, apples, and cookies!) over an open camp fire.

The scouts also brought examples of tinder and kindling from home that they used to learn how to build a small fire of their own.

If you missed this adventure, then be creative and follow along at home with your own meal planning and let Jason and Phil know about your progress! See page 32 of the Webelo handbook.

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