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Den 4 meeting October 17

Den 4 enjoyed the fall weather as we met at the BUMC scout compound to work on the Protect Yourself Rules (AOL) and Building a Better World requirements.

We completed the Protect Yourself Rules adventure ( The AOL version of the adventure has the same video component as last year’s Webelo adventure. We chose to focus on online safety this year, and watched these two videos instead before working through the adventure requirements:

For Building a Better world, we did the following:

  • 5) Planning an activity for your den
    • We brainstormed some ideas for a weekend activity. This will be a food charity drive followed by one of the fun activities that the scouts voted on. We’ll follow up with more details soon.
  • 6a) Learning about scouting in another country
    • For this one we learned about scouting in Japan, especially looking for similarities and differences in their program and traditions. The scouts also learned how to use chopsticks and practiced using them.

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