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2021 Fall den campout

Time to get started with the Scout Oath
Morning campfire
Fun in the field
Cobbler chefs
Testing our bowline knots

Den 4 had a great Friday night AOL campout on September 24, one night ahead of Pack 3000’s fall campout. We had a great time pitching our own tents, cooking meals on the fire, learning about outdoor survival, doing scavenger hunts and much more.

The scouts who attended the campout and wrapped up the “Castaway” elective and “Outdoor Adventure” requirement that were started at the last den meeting. Specifically, we did the following:

  • Castaway 1.a: cook two different recipes that do not require pots and pans (we did chicken and rice foil packets and waffle cone s’mores)
  • Castaway 2.c: discuss what to do if you become lost in the woods (S.T.O.P.)
  • Castaway 2.d: discuss the qualities of a leader, and act out good and bad examples.
  • Outdoor adventure 1: plan and participate in a campout
  • Outdoor adventure 2: determine where to set up your tent and set it up on your own
  • Outdoor adventure 3a,b,c: discuss what to do in the event of extreme weather while camping
  • Outdoor adventure 4: show how to tie a bowline
  • Outdoor adventure 5: recite the outdoor code and leave no trace principles

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